The Gun You Carry

. . . when you can’t carry a gun.

I live in Arizona. It tends to be a bit warm here nine months out of the year. And (to put it mildly) I’m on the husky side. My preferred carry piece is a 1911, but it’s tough (for me) to wear clothes that will adequately conceal such a piece, whether it’s my full-sized Kimber Classic, my Para USA Commander-sized Gunblog 45, or my Kimber Ultra CDPII.

Well, conceal it and still give me reasonable access to it.

Recently I’ve been toting a S&W Model 60 2″ snubbie .38 revolver in the front pocket of my jeans, but it’s just a little bit lumpy. My (ex-)boss purchased a Kel-Tec PF9 a while back, and I found that I really liked it – 7+1 rounds of full-house 9mm (+P rated, but not as a steady diet) in a pretty tiny package that still offered reasonable sights.

I picked one up a couple of days ago. I still need to do a “fluff & buff” on it, then run a couple hundred rounds through it, but I think this will easily fill the bill for the gun I carry when I can’t carry a gun. Mine looks just like this one:

The slide is hard-chromed on mine.

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