George Lucas is Evil

George Lucas is Evil

HAN SHOT FIRST! And I have the T-shirt to prove it!

Tam points to the snark today from Brian J. Noggle:

Prediction: In the 3-d release of Star Wars, Han Solo will not shoot Greedo at all!

Hell with that!

Mine’s worn out. I need to get another one.

Edited to add: There’s a seven-part review of Episode I: The Phantom Menace on YouTube that is totally NSFW, but funny (and accurate) as hell.

Best quote, from Part 2:

From the very start of this movie I could tell something was really wrong. . . . Compare this fecal matter to the opening of the original Star Wars. . . . Without saying one word of awkward, boring political dialog that goes on for ten minutes, we know everything we need to know just by the visuals. We get a sense of just how ill-equipped the rebels are and how large and powerful the Empire is. The low angle implies dominance, and the length of the Star Destroyer implies the long reach of the Empire. This shot says everything we need to know without saying one word. In fact, this is so genius I have a feeling that George Lucas had nothing to do with it, and probably fought against putting it in the movie.

And the Star Wars QotD has to go to a commenter at Tam’s on the topic of the rumored 3-D re-remake of all six episodes of the saga:

The Republic will also discover that the Death Star is not a weapon of mass destruction and that the entire rebellion was just a grand scheme to earn billions for a company than Ben Kenobi used to run…

Can I get an “AMEN!”?

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