Watermelons: Green on the Outside . . .

As Instapundit puts it,

It always ends up as mass murder, real or fantasized, with these people. That’s what they do.

So a Greenie comes up with a “clever” ad to make people want to join a movement to reduce their carbon footprint. But first, here’s former undercover Weather Underground member Larry Grathwohl on what they had planned for America after the Glorious Revolution:


Here’s what Richard Curtis thought would be an acceptable advertisement to help convince people to “voluntarily” reduce their carbon output by 10%:


This is what’s known as a Freudian slip.

“No pressure.” Just conform or they’ll kill you and your children.

Just like they burn down luxury homes under construction and other structures, bomb pipelines and manufacturing facilities, destroy crops, etc. Killing their enemies is merely the next logical step. I mean, listen to this kid:


As I said, the world is full of pissed-off people.

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