Quote of the Day – Poetry Edition


The party goers and well wishers
Deny the facts, deny the fissures
They dance atop the speeding floe
That hurtles to the falls below
We have our rights! they scream and shout
You cannot turn this floe about!
There are no falls around the bend
And if there are, it’s not the end
So we will dance and sing all night
And hope that all will turn out right
America will save us soon
Did not they put men on the moon?
Are not they friends who won’t forget?
Will they not come to pay our debt?
They’ve saved us from much worse before
They saved us twice from reckless war
They saved us from the Russian bear
Deny us now they would not dare
No we will dance, watch our debt climb
While fearful they won’t come this time
With pieces breaking off the floe
Here come the falls, the rocks below
Two thousand years, a goodly run
We’ve thrown away for decades fun
No babies born, but what the hell
I’m sure Islam will treat us well

Walter Erickson, found at Belmont Club

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