Quote of the Day – Tough History Coming Edition

From Daphne at Jaded Haven in Last Call:

Today’s stark refusal of the senate to heel in their most venal, basic impulses over the country’s dire need for prudent management during our current economic implosion, a feat they foolishly orchestrated in all of their glorious incompetence, tells me we’ve crossed the abyss into no man’s land.

The crisp suits we’ve elected to spend and manage our money don’t have a single ounce of respect for the work and sacrifice we provide to fund their sickening folly. Their disdain for the republic is manifest in every piece of statist legislation under consideration, their privileged contempt for our conscripted dollars evident in every spendthrift measure they pass.

I believe it’s finally time to start discussing alternatives to our present system. The republic of the founding fathers no longer exists.

It hasn’t for quite some time, Daphne.

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