It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated

Brian of emails:

Glad to see that you’re registered for our upcoming Blogger Shoot! I’m looking forward to seeing you again since the last time we saw one another face-to-face at the GBR in Reno. In conjunction with the Shoot, we’re putting together an awards ceremony called The Gunnies for Saturday night at the Shoot and The Smallest Minority has been nominated for a Gunnie Award in the following category:

* Best Gun Blog – Entertainment

Voting is now open for the next 14 days to determine the winners in each of the 9 categories. It’d be pretty cool if you could announce your nomination for The Gunnies on your site.

Consider it done, though I think you’d have a hard time arguing that TSM is an entertainment site.

There are a bunch of other categories and nominees, so if you’re interested in voting, go here.

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