Quote of the Day – Do It Your Own Damned Self Edition

I like Palin insofar as she makes the right people’s heads explode. She’s playing the MSM like a fiddle and they’re dancing to her tune every single time. The woman can give the talking heads on TV the vapors by just ordering a value meal from McDonalds. When she was running as the VP, I read a lot into her tenure as Alaska’s Governor and her record was fairly decent. She had faults and failures which meant she was human, but overall it did appear she ran a much more conservative governorship than anything I’ve ever seen. But, I don’t really see her as some sort of American Savior.
That job falls to the Americans.
We need to stop letting these idiots who can’t even keep their privates off of the Internet run our country into the ground. We need to stop bending over with each new unconstitutional law they pass and start ignoring them. The key word there is WE, not some politician (and make no bones about it, Sarah Palin is still a politician) who will come in with a magic wand and make all the bad things go away. It’s that false belief in ‘Hope & Change’ that got us here today, and I’m not just talking about Obama.
YOU do it. Don’t want for someone else. That’s the problem.

Robb Allen, Sharp as a Marble, One of the Reasons I Have Very Little Hope for the Future

Can I get an “AMEN!“?

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