Unintended Irony

From Politico‘s piece, Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails:

That’s not to say the picture of Palin is all rosy. She whines constantly about her treatment by the press. She uses subterfuge to manipulate her image, ghostwriting a letter to the editor praising her, for instance, or conducting a phony television interview in which she reads answers from a teleprompter.

She increasingly sees enemies all around, repeatedly demanding to know whether her privacy has been breached. In one case, it turns out her husband Todd, not a hacker, sent an email from one of her accounts. She convinces herself that rumors about her last pregnancy have been deliberately and maliciously spread by an enemy in the state Legislature.

The seeds of the paranoia and belligerence that so prominently mark her current public persona are visible in early form.

This on a piece about the media’s pathetic feeding-frenzy over the publication of nearly 25,000 emails dating back to prior to 2008.

Here’s a hint: It’s not paranoia when they actually are out to get you, and it isn’t “whining” when the press is the instrument of that attack. As JammieWearingFool puts it, linking to the Politico piece:

How badly has this fishing expedition blown up in the faces of the left? Well, for one, the cartoon character portrayal of Palin is now gone forever.

Coming next: The media will launch an exhaustive background check of the current occupant of the White House.

Yeah, right.

She appeared on the media radar in 2008 and they haven’t stopped trying to dig up dirt on her for a minute since.


Yeah, right.

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