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So, Instapundit links to a study that says, contrary to the received wisdom of the Warmists, the more people know about science the (slightly) less likely they are to buy into the idea of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

I wonder why?

For example, we’re told – on the one hand – that the last decade is “undoubtedly the warmest 10-year period since the beginning of weather records in 1850.” Then we’re told – with equal sincerity – that every year since 1998 has been cooler than that “peak” year.

So, which is it?

The promoters of AGW say “both!” The earth hasn’t heated up since 1998, despite massive CO2 emissions? Well, there’s (always) a simple explanation! Asian pollution!

A new study demonstrates why global surface temperatures defied a decades-long trend and didn’t continue to rise between 1998 and 2008: Pollution-spewing, coal-burning power plants in Asia, while emitting warming greenhouse gases, simultaneously sent cooling sulfur particles into the atmosphere.

During that decade — sometimes cited as evidence to deny global warming — these Asian emissions mostly balanced one another and dampened the effects of natural cooling cycles associated with the sun and ocean temperatures.

But never fear, the thermostat’s ready to be cranked up again!

I recommend you spend nine minutes and watch this:


It’s worth your time.

UPDATE: From Watts Up With That comes the Quote of the Week from Minister of Parliament Graham Stringer from the investigation into ClimateGate:

“When I asked Oxburgh if [Keith] Briffa [CRU academic] could reproduce his own results, he said in lots of cases he couldn’t,” Stringer told us. “That just isn’t science. It’s literature. If somebody can’t reproduce their own results, and nobody else can, then what is that work doing in the scientific journals?”

It’s getting more funding and ginning up enthusiasm for more government power.

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