Central AZ Blog Shoot AAR

Well, I think everyone who showed had a good time.  I think there were about nine of us all told, unless I didn’t meet some people.  Lots of lead went downrange.  I shot the half-inch rebar support for the 100 yard steel swingers.  Twice.  My AR-15 Olofsoned on me because the hammer pin walked loose.  (It is disconcerting when your semi-automatic AR-15 rips off a three-round burst.)  I guess a loose hammer pin qualifies as a machinegun these days.  (Hey, if a shoestring can…)  I discovered that my 180 grain .40S&W loads don’t group, they pattern.  But my 155 grain handloads work pretty damned well.  That’s good, because I was prepared to sell the Witness until I managed to whack the 50 yard plate six times out of ten with the 155s.  (I could barely frighten the plate with the 180’s.)  I learned that a front-stuffer charcoal-burner actually doesn’t make that much smoke if you load it with Blackhorn 209 powder.  I learned that the action on a Swiss K-31 really is very, very smooth.

I’ve got some pictures up for you to peruse.

Got to do this again next year.

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