Quote of the Day – Your Teacher Said WHAT?! Edition

Last one from this book:

Progressivism may be hysterical, but it isn’t in retreat; it’s on the attack.  And it retains a powerful set of channels for communicating its philosophy, including television, newspapers, and the Internet.

Oh, and the schools.

Toward the end of the 2010 school year, and therefore the writing of this book, Blake brought home a writing project for her fifth-grade class entitled “Understanding Environmental Concerns.”  Here’s a sample.

Today you read about the environment and the importance of your country’s natural resources.  Currently a conflict exists between people who want to reduce the amount of chemicals in the air in order to protect the environement, and those who say it hurts business if we limit the amount of emissions they release.

Now, if you’re going to load a question for a bunch of ten-year-olds, you couldn’t really do much better than this:  The conflict is between people who want to protect the evnironment and those who want to help (or at least not hurt) business.  Environment or business:  Pick one.

But teachers aren’t pushing a Progressive agenda!  Just ask ’em!

As one commenter here has noted, they don’t see it for the same reason fish don’t notice water – they’re swimming in it.

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