So Bad It’s Good

I went out and caught Battleship at the matinee yesterday. As a Science-Fiction film, it suffers from pretty much every problem that has plagued Sci-Fi films from the beginning, beginning with completely ignoring science. But OK, this isn’t really Sci-Fi, it’s a summer blowup movie.

As that, it’s pretty good. And if you remember that this is a film directed mostly at pubescent boys (and older ones that haven’t grown up), it has one major redeeming quality:  it does not denigrate the military. In fact, it shows a lot of respect, especially towards retired and wounded service members. In fact one major character, medically-retired Army Lt. Col. Mark Canales, is played by active-duty full-bird Col. Gregory Gadson, a bilateral above-the-knee amputee. Col. Gadson is currently the director of the Wounded Warrior Project for the U.S. Army and not a bad actor.

Hell, I’ll admit it, I enjoyed the film, cringe-inducing errors and all.

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