Happy Birthday to Me!

So last year, I was given a Colt Pocket Hammerless Vest Pocket .25.  It was the second-oldest gun in my safe. Now it’s third-oldest.  This year, my father-in-law gave me his original 1917-vintage Colt 1911!

 photo 90a36924-b859-4e32-8086-b2fa1d367ed0.jpg

 photo 081360b0-4413-4941-ac3a-1977983e6162.jpg
 photo efaa9566-5e27-48dd-9c84-5d3b4e5c208f.jpg
It’s pretty pitted, and appears to have been reblued some time in the past, but I believe the double-diamond walnut grip panels are original, and I know for a fact that it feeds and shoots hardball just fine. Not bad for a 96 year-old handgun.

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