Remember that Sultan Knish Piece…

The Closing of the Liberal Mind that I took a QotD from on Tuesday? Here’s another:

As a scientist, you formulate a conclusion that will lead to a healthier society, and then you build a hypothesis around it, and then you declare it to be science. Your science, like your journalism, consists of the progressive narrative that proves whatever you want it to prove, whether it’s that capitalism will melt the icebergs, homosexuality is genetically fixed or oil is about to run out. Scientific objectivity has no more meaning to you than it did to the Caliph who torched the Library of Alexandria. If science is worth anything, then it’s progressive. And if it doesn’t, then it’s worthless.

And PowerLine has a recent example of exactly that.

Of course, the whole history of gun control is an example of exactly that, but….

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