Quote of the Day – Robb Wins Edition

The Winnah – from Sharp as a Marble:

Again, here’s a key illustration that these people think we’re too stupid to make the right choices, yet think the government (full of the same people who cannot make good choices) is up to the job after being chosen by the very same people that cannot make good choices.

We are being lorded over by people who cannot properly use Twitter, couldn’t boil water without a 12 page PowerPoint document and a governmentally Licensed Dihydrogen Monoxide Joule Application Specialist, or even have the most cursory comprehension of basic physics much less economics. They are not only stupid, they are dangerously so.

First runner up, however, goes to Tam:

I don’t have a problem with the idea that there are certain people who need to be dragged out behind the barn and Ol’ Yellered. The guy who shot up the theater in Colorado? Or what’s-his-face in Norway? That’s The Guy. He admits to being The Guy. Those guys are wasting precious oxygen that paramecia could be using to evolve.

If society wants to get all squeamish in those cases, then hand me the claw hammer and I’ll go in there and administer 28 ounces of Estwingazine intracranially and we’ll be done after you pass me that Handi-Wipe.

Some days picking just one is hard.

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