Someone Else Hates HP Printers!

A while back my daughter gave me an HP printer she got in a PC bundle and didn’t need.

It was a complete piece of crap.

English expat PhilB. from New Zealand emailed me with a link to someone else who hates their HP. He notes:

The comments are worth a read too – NOTE Trademe takes the advert down after a few days so get there quick!

It’s a pretty damned funny read.


Words cannot express how much I hate this printer. It never works when I need it to – it’s like it knows when I have to urgently print something. It randomly decides if it wants to work wirelessly or not. And scanning wirelessly? Forget about it!

When you first turn it on it will play an endless symphony of sounds that are simply there to fool you into thinking that it might actually do what it’s designed to do. Don’t be fooled. This thing is evil incarnate.

By all means, read the comments!!

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