Holy Crap!

Reader Phil B., expatriate Brit now living in New Zedland, sent me a link to a Salon.com op-ed with the note:

This is why trying to reason with left wing, right on, politically correct groupthinkers is a bit like trying to wallpaper fog.  And, incidentally, why I firmly believe we are deep within an era of anti-Renaissance where such idiocy is published and taken seriously.

Billy Beck calls it “The Endarkenment.”  And I am fully in agreement with Phil on his “wallpapering fog” assessment.

This thing is so full of WTF? that I can’t even fisk it.  My brain boggles.

If you’ve got a few brain cells you’re not too happy with and are willing, nay eager to sacrifice, go read Why the Right Hates Detroit, written by the biggest case of white-guilt I think I’ve ever seen.

I’m amazed this man hasn’t offed himself due to his own self-loathing.  I guess he’s found a way to project it onto anyone to the political right of Mao.

At least the commenters appear sane, though I didn’t read many of those.  I  have to wonder about Salon’s editors.

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