Gun Blogger Rendezvous VIII is winding down.  The pizza dinner and prize raffle was last night, and once again I didn’t win a gun.  However, Crimson Trace really came through in the prize department this year.  I got one of their Railmaster universal-mount green lasers, and a certificate for anything in their catalog.  I also found out that I had the best aggregate time in the steel shoot for the day (the two actual competition shooters either didn’t shoot the course, or didn’t turn in their timesheets.)  Not bad for an old guy with an iron-sighted revolver.

I’ll have much more to report, pictures and links later after I get home.  Now I need to finish packing, go get breakfast, and then launch some bowling balls WAY the hell downrange!

Seriously, y’all need to come to this thing next year.

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