GBR Day 3 – And a Blast is Had by All

Just got back from the steel shoot, where I’m quite pleased how well I shot my S&W 327. I loaned my new(er) Kimber Target Match to the guys from, along with my 3/4 full .30 caliber ammo can of reloads. The three of them burned through around 400 rounds, and the gun ran fine all day except for a little bit of user error on the part of one of them who is new to all of this (but is a natural, once he got the idea). ¬†An empty ammo can later, and lots of smiles all around.

I’ve got time for this post, a quick shower, and then it’s time for pizza and door prizes, and the raffle benefiting Soldiers’ Angels.

Now don’t you really wish you were here?

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