First, I’d like to thank everybody who linked to The Last Überpost.  It has gathered the highest number of pageviews of any piece I’ve actually written:

 photo Stats.jpg

The first two were YouTube videos, and the third was a reprint of a Usenet post by “FlimFlam” – the nom de plume of J. David Phillips, a pawn broker from Crystal River Florida who defended his life with a .25ACP Beretta. It still gets a few hundred hits a month from people Googling “.25ACP stopping power”.

I’ve been spending some time perusing the archives.  Damn, I wrote a lot!  So I’m thinking that every now and then I’m going to re-post something from the archives as front-page stuff.  I’ll try to make sure it’s still relevant, and to the best of my ability I’ll try to make sure the links still work.  Whaddaya say?  Good idea or not?

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