The Servile State

Another reason I won’t do ├╝berposts anymore is that others do them so much better than I.┬á Here’s today’s Quote of the Day, from Richard Fernandez’s recent piece, Greetings Slaves (highly recommended):

Where both Belloc and Orwell may have erred was in assuming the Servile State could fix the sustainability problems that doomed Leninism. The hope of finding a lasting formula for collectivism lies at the heart of the USSR’s reboot as the EU and Hillary’s socialism in words but crony capitalism in deeds strategy, in contrast to Bernie Sanders’ hair-on-fire socialism. Nobody argues with the collectivist goals, just about how to pay for them. Both the EU and its American imitations are attempts at finding a socialism which can pay the bills. Unfortunately the present political crisis raises the possibility that the Servile State itself is inherently unsustainable.

Here I get to attach an image that I find highly appropriate for this post:

 photo Bernopoly.jpg
Go read the link.

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