So, my 40-year old house has a leak in the water line IN the foundation.  This is a masonry home, and the drywall is laid directly on the masonry walls, I believe, which means re-piping the house is going to be messy.  And expensive.


Sometimes adulting sucks.

UPDATE:  Second Plumbing contractor came out.  Couldn’t find a wet spot, didn’t try to jack my wife around, recommended calling a leak detection specialist who said “don’t call until the wet spot returns, or we’ll have a hell of a time finding the leak.” Oh, and “It’ll be much less expensive to find and fix the leak than to re-pipe the whole house, and it should be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.”

I feel better now.

2nd Update: It’s not a slab leak. It’s a canine leak. Apparently one of our dogs has anxiety issues when neither my wife or I are at home. The bedroom door will be kept closed from this point on.

It’s a lot cheaper than a re-pipe.

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