Quote of the Day – Democrats Edition

From Jeff Greason, seen on Facebook:

There’s a scene in one of the Lord Darcy books, where Darcy uncovers the spy. They are discussing who might have turned traitor, and the other party discounts the suspects, because they have money, and so wouldn’t sell out. From this, Darcy correctly concludes the other party must *be* the traitor, and must *have* sold out for money, because he can’t think of any other motive for turning traitor.

For decades, the Left has talked about this or that adversary of the moment is to be feared, because they want power, crave power, would abuse power, and would not peacefully surrender power.

From this, you can correctly deduce what the Left dreams and obsesses about.

It’s called “Projection,” and the Left does it in 70mm IMAX with full Dolby sound.

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