He Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

This is nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s interesting when they say it out loud. Like that Newsweek piece bragging about how a conspiracy “fortified” the 2020 election to ensure Donald Trump couldn’t win. CNN was part of that conspiracy.

5 thoughts on “He Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

  1. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, O’Keefe and PV have been suspended from Twitter for ‘spam’.

    This only came after O’Keefe dropped a one-two-three combo on CNN with the videos (there’s two more).

    But there is no conspiracy, really.

  2. “When people are willing to go to prison for shooting them.”

    Only if we lose.

    Otherwise guess who’s going to write the history of the re-founding of America?

    The problem is we are bound by decency to respect humans.

    That’s fine by me.

    How do you decide that one species is different from another?

    How do you decide that some sub-group of one species has differentiated so much that it has become a totally different species?

    How do you decide that a humanoid is no longer human?

    The moral should be elevated to the biological.

    The moral should be elevated in relevance, to the biological.

    The sacredness of the moral should be given the relevance it was always meant to have.

    Then . . . leftoxenomorphs can be put in their sub-human categorization.

    And dealt with accordingly.

    The moral becomes biological.

    And leftoxenomorphs are a different, non-human infectious species.

    Justice demands it.

    And self-defense recommends it.

    And now the threat can be dealt with.

    If we don’t have to consider leftoxenomorphs humans.

    Ideas have consequences.

    Be a leftoxenomorph, suffer the consequences.

    If we could get rid of mosquitoes would we be justified in driving them to extinction?

    I say “yes”

    Some will say “that’s what the nazis did to the Jews” (and many others)

    And my answer is “that’s what leftoxenomorphs plan on doing to us” . . . AND . . . “the Jews would have been justified in doing it to the nazis BEFORE”

    It’s not like leftoxenomorphs are hiding their intentions.

    One of their main leaders and instigators was a nazi collaborator and we all know it.

    And that means that leftoxenomorphs, among other things, are the new nazis.

    We did it to the nazis. In Europe.

    We did what had to be done.

    And we would have kept doing it for as long as it took.

    Europe would have taken a couple of nukes if they had been necessary and the time was right.

    But now the leftoxenomorph-nazis are right here, right now.

    And I suggest we do what has to be done.

    We are fighting the sickle and hammer by their own admission and flaunting.

    I see the swastika on the other side of their coin.

    We are fighting nazis once again.

    So this is a continuation of WW2, right here, right now.

    One of the two will have to go.

    I say leftoxenomorphs have to go.

    War doesn’t determine who’s right.

    War determines who’s left.

    Leftoxenomorphs are not human.

    Leftoxenomorphs are like cockroaches or termites or fire-ants.

    Only so much more dangerous.

    I say we win, they lose and we write the history of it.

    So . . .

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