Save Us! Save… Never Mind

In the 1950’s and 60’s Tinselgrad showed us a stream of alien monster movies, the basic idea of which was that some unknowable entities wanted to destroy Earth. The space ships would land, and the people would run away screaming to the scientists and soldiers “SAVE US! SAVE US!” Then in the 70’s and 80’s we got a series of movies showing aliens as benevolent beings. The space ships would visit Earth and people would run towards them shouting “SAVE US! SAVE US!”

Now the government has admitted that Unidentified Flying Objects (or “Unidentified Arial Phenomenon”) are real, that we don’t know what they are, what their purpose is, or how they do the things they do.

And the public’s reaction is “Meh.”

12 thoughts on “Save Us! Save… Never Mind

  1. My reaction is not to believe anything the government says and I remember looking at what was happening in the 50s and 60s and not believing them then

  2. The alien monsters are here and in control not only of government but of 95% of all organized activities in Venezuerica.

    They are alien to humanity because they are not human. They didn’t come from outer space. They deteriorated from us due to poor mental hygiene so that they are not human any longer.

    They are monsters because they are utterly evil and very powerful.

    We don’t need movies to frighten us.

    The evil monster leftoxenomorphs drive their juggernaut mostly through PSYOPS and gargoyles.

    “Climate change” (ex-gorebal warming), covid, “white supremacy” and “rape culture” are gargoyles.

    The UFOs are another gargoyle.


    They are throwing things at the wall to see if they stick.

    They are playing us for fools.

    We are participating as they expect.

    This is a PSYOPS war and leftoxenomorphs are masters at it.

    We . . . we need a new word to mean the human civilizational decay from the poisonous effects of apathy, passivity, indolence, pusillanimousness, normalcy bias, willful ignorance and just plain old not giving a sh!t. (Feel free to add you own.)

    They are getting away with what they want limited only by their imagination and their brazenness and we stand idle and paralyzed and letting them.

    Somebody once said that leftoxenomorphs would one day order that all guns should have a pink ribbon tied to the end of the muzzle just to get a chuckle of all the American peasants trampling each other in their haste to comply. It’s not funny anymore.

    A poster on the net: “If you ever wondered what you would have done in 1930s germany, now you know.”

    Yup! We do.

    Lots have said “if they push us too much . . .”


    If they push us too much WTF?!!

    What?!! . . . . . . . . . . . . (And remember, I didn’t say “pussy”)

    Leftoxenomorphs were afraid of the 2nd Amendment put there for exactly this situation.

    They didn’t need to be, did they? Nawwww . . .

  3. Part of the problem is that they try to amaze us with claims of actual UFOs, and then what do they provide as “evidence”? Grainy videos and photos.

    I remember one video that was easily explained by parallax and the targeting computer’s ability to lock in on an object — after a bit of analysis, it became very clear that the “UFO” was likely a bird, and that the bird seemed to be going fast because the plane was.

    Furthermore, as “Old Guy” and “George_Banner” pointed out, we don’t really believe our government, and that this is likely some sort of PSY OPS. I disagree with “George_Banner” on one thing, though — we aren’t falling for it. If we were, there’d be a much stronger reaction than “Meh”.

    A large percentage of the population know Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself, that COVID-19 more than likely came from a Chinese lab, that Hunter Biden had awful things on a laptop, that the last election was stolen, and that the last “insurrection” was barely a riot, and likely instigated by Congresscritters and their unwillingness to have a sufficient police presence in the first place. What’s news about UFOs, other than yet another lie with the likely intent to distract us?

    Even with blatant censorship — heck, because of blatant censorship — people strongly believe these things. We aren’t being fooled.

    At least, those of us who don’t believe every word coming from CNN. Considering that CNN’s viewership is dropping, even that’s a sign that people aren’t believing.

  4. I apologize if my shortcomings don’t drive me to express myself more clearly.

    What I’m trying to say, among other things, is that leftoxenomorphs have managed through their religious indoctrination in leftoxenomorphism of the last more than a hundred years to turn us into passivity so much so that they got by The Steal to murder the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) and we did nothing and now they are, and at an amazing speed, destroying the remains and we are still doing nothing.

    And my “doing nothing” refers in general terms to the implications of several posts around the net that state “the Founding Fathers would have been stacking up corpses by now” and we are stacking up nothing.

    So, and I’ll declare beforehand that my intent is as civil and as good humored and friendly as my modest manners allow but if “we aren’t being fooled” then why are we behaving like fools? And I don’t mind admitting I’m one of the first fools. Shame on me!

    Because the party is almost over and if we were going to do something . . . well . . . time does seem to be running . . . out?

    The ghost of George Washington might ask us “why are you twiddling your thumbs while the corpse of our Constitutional Republic is fresh rotting in the field?”

    Granted the freshness could be somewhat contested from Nov 3rd, 2020, but still . . .

    Curse myself for not being better at this but the leftoxenomorphs have something on us, don’t they, they win all the time?!

    They win and win and win and we look on and go “well . . . they are wrong” and they laugh at us and keep winning.

    My modest point is this: we are supposed to be “the Free” and “the Brave” . . . why are they winning and why are we letting them?

    Or, in other words, when are we going to start crushing them like the bugs they are?

    Maybe never? . . . All right, then.

    They could have saved the cost of the ink they used to write the 2nd Amendment, then.

    Look, all the dudes that ever died for America . . . what if one day we were to meet them and they push us against a wall, look us in the eye and say “we died for America, fagots, what did you do to her?!!! . . .


  5. They win and win and win and we look on and go “well . . . they are wrong” and they laugh at us and keep winning.

    My modest point is this: we are supposed to be “the Free” and “the Brave” . . . why are they winning and why are we letting them?

    I’ve been thinking about this myself. I may have some reasoning for it, but I need to think some more before I put fingers to keyboard.

  6. Kevin: I’m looking forward to it.

    Please do not discard the notion that the Frankfurt School and the consequent religion of leftoxenomorphism might have accomplished the amazing feat of filing away the b@lls of enough American men through pure PSYOPS and religious indoctrination so the world they were going to take over could not defend itself. Like turning lions vegan or something.

    Feminazism, very march a cult of leftoxenomorphism, bears a sizable portion of the blame and has turned many more men than it is known or recognized, into MGTOWs that have abandoned a considerable part of their former or expected responsibilities and society, in disgust.

    I’m a MGTOW myself but each one goes HIS own way.

    I don’t know. The right seems to be full on, on “I’m not gonna fight you no matter what you do to me” mode.

    “Long periods of peace and quiet favor certain optical illusions. Among them is the assumption that the invulnerability of the home is founded upon the constitution and safeguarded by it. In reality, it rests upon the father of the family who, accompanied by his sons, appears with the ax on the threshold of his dwelling” – Ernst Junger

    I doubt a majority today would grab anything, much less a real weapon, to appear on the threshold of their dwelling.

    We got such a case of the nice that stinks.

    Exactly what leftoxenomorphs would expect from us.

  7. Aliens: “Earthlings, we have killed your leaders, destroyed your economy, and are here to take over your government.”

    Humans: “Oh thank fucking god.”

    Aliens: “Wait what?”

    1. @GOF : You made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that – you have no idea how much I needed it. (But dang it all, do you know how painful it is to snort a sip of coffee out your nose?!)

      The reason your comment was so funny is because of how much truth there is in it. I would dance with joy if we woke up to the news one morning that most if not all of those 546 MF’ers in DC had been taken out in one fell swoop. That was exactly the premise in Tom Clancy’s novel Executive Orders. Too bad it hasn’t really happened.

  8. There are a few things we know for sure about the aliens.
    For one thing, they’re awesomely powerful. They can travel around the galaxy casually, right? And besides, what’s the point of being a space alien if you aren’t awesomely powerful as part of the deal?
    For another, they’re dangerously short-tempered, and make a habit of blowing up the Earth at the slightest provocation, or just because we neglected to visit the local planning department at Alpha Centauri.
    Finally, they’re intensely passionate about whatever cause is currently fashionable with our own ruling class – environmentalism, racial equity, redistributive economics, etc., so we’d better get our act together and unite behind the Cause’s banner lest we be summarily exterminated.
    Oh, one more thing: all space aliens are genderfluid, change pronouns at least twice a day, and fly into a genocidal rage if misgendered. Well-known fact, that.

  9. Since the 1940’s our government has aggressively suppressed all potential evidence of extraterrestrials. Now, all of a sudden, they are openly and unambiguously suggesting that extraterrestrials might actually be real. Whether ET’s could be real or not is not the issue. The issue is WHY is our rapacious and lawless government doing a complete 180 on the issue of ET’s, and why are they doing it NOW ??

    There is obviously an AGENDA behind it. What that agenda might be is anybody’s guess. My first guess is that it is to throw a big distraction out there to draw attention away from how quickly and thoroughly they are destroying our Constitution and our Country. But make no mistake, their supposed new-found belief in UFO’s in no way means that they now suddenly want to be “truthful” with us about this or any other issue.

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