The Farther the Mask Slides Off

…the uglier it gets.

So, Elizabeth Warren just stated publicly what we’ve all known for a long time – our “lawmakers” are no such thing. They’re a rubber-stamp for the lobbyists and their lawyers:

The other thing she admitted to, in 140 characters or less, is that in her world the only people who can “heckle senators” are the “powerful.” In other words, the First Amendment protection of Freedom of Speech is a non-entity.

Elizabeth Warren has “served” (been paid by the .gov) since 2010. She’s been a Senator since 2013.

Apparently she’s never read the Constitution.

10 thoughts on “The Farther the Mask Slides Off

  1. No, you don’t write them…you don’t even read them.

    You just pass them.

    And you act as if this is something you should be respected for.

  2. I’m fond of pointing out that there is no such thing as a loophole, you’re either following the rules or you’re not, and if you happen to be smart enough to know how to follow the rules and get what you want/need out of the situation, you shouldn’t be penalized nor derided from doing so.

    Warren is just a stupid bitch who can’t stand it that someone is doing something that she doesn’t directly approve of, and she’s just sure she’s entitled to do just that, pick the winners and losers and by how much.

    That is a tyrant, by just about any definition.

    1. I stand by what I have said elsewhere:

      For a decade at least, leftists have used “democratic,” “republic,” and for that matter, “people’s” only in the same way that North Korea, East Germany, Communist China and the USSR have used them.

  3. Where’s that picture of Ken Watanabe in Godzilla saying ‘Let them fight’…

    But yeah, Warren is a stupid, egotistical woman who lies like other people breathe.

  4. There are insects that make a cone of loose gravel and wait camouflaged at the bottom of it for a victim to fall in, being unable to get a grip among the loose gravel and be unable to climb out only to struggle uselessly, slide downwards and meet the predator at the bottom of the cone and become its lunch.

    Leftoxenomorphs want to put humans into a cone of cultural marxist bullsh!t that inevitably turns into a downward path from citizen to serf in their fascist neo-feudal scheme to become the 480 BC Persian emperors of a wokeraty ant-hill with a one-hive-mind: theirs.

    What is a leftoxenomorph?

    Any individual who is willing to abandon humanity to regress, deteriorate and degenerate into a sub-human ant-like thing of a rabid, fanatical, jihadist leftism and practices the religion of leftoxenomorphism.

    What is leftoxenomorphism?

    Leftoxenomorphism is a con or more precisely a collection of cons in the form of a religious dogma encompassing (but not exhausted at) the following concepts and incorporating the ideas and strategies and actions of the following characters and organizations: “believe all women” + “Build Back Better” types + “cancel culture” + “cashless society” peddlers + “Common Core” peddlers + “‘evidence’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “Great Reset” types + “islam is a religion of peace” types + “lived experiences” + “New World Order” types + “One World Government” types + “Open Society” types + “‘proof’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “‘science’ is whatever we say it is because reasons” + “women don’t lie” + “World Economic Forum” + Alfred Schmidt + all whites are racists + Antifa + Antonio Gramsci + Axel Honneth + Bertolt Brecht + BLM + brutalism + Carl Grünberg + climate change + Cloward-Piven Strategy + George Soros and his collaborators and enablers and protectors + collectivism + communism + critical-(whatever)-theory + cultural marxism + Edward R Murrow + Erich Fromm + Fabian Society + fascism + feminazism + Frances Fox Piven + Frankfurt School + Friedrich Engels + Friedrich Pollock + Georg Lukacs + gleichschaltung (the 1930s nazification process of “all the same by force”) + Antonio Gramsci + gynofascism + Herbert Marcuse + homonazism + Institute for Social Research + intersectionality (bullsh!tsectionality) + Jacques Derrida + Jean-François Lyotard + John Dewey, + Jürgen Habermas + Karl Marx + Leo Löwenthal + liberals (American slang, they are, of course the opposite of what the word literally refers to) + male toxicity + Martin Heidegger + Max Horkheimer + Michel Foucault + Milo F. McDonald + misandry + moral relativism + mRNA ‘vaccines’ peddlers (they are not vaccines but genetic engineering experimentation on a planetary scale and with a Letter of Marquee) + multiculturalism + nazism + obamaphilia + Otto Kirchheimer + post-modernism + reparations + Richard Andrew Cloward + Saul Alinsky + Siegfried Kracauer + SJW NPC + social justice + socialists +subjectivism + the Cloward Piven strategy + the Fabian Society + The Long March Through The Institutions + the whole “democratic” party + Theodor W. Adorno + transnazism + Walter Benjamin + white supremacy + woke (wokeism, wokeraty) + zersetzung (the East german Stasi version of ‘cancel culture’ by ANY means necessary)

    Add to the above a rabid hatred of everything white, male, heterosexual, decent, normal, human, American and Western and the whims and the fee-feez and the boo-booz and the self-hatred and the inadequacies of its practitioners all of which mixes in a Macbeth witches cauldron and grows like a fungus on a fertile ground, changes all the time adapting to the weaknesses of their victims and grows more evil with every generation and allows us, normals, to paraphrase without a shadow of a doubt: something atrociously wicked this way comes: leftoxenomorphism.

    Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren is a leftoxenomorph.

  5. Well, you gotta vote for it to see what is in it, just like the Affordable Care Act, right?

    These politicians are so stupid you could brainwash them with a damp towel.

    1. You say, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it!”

      I say, “Good Lord, I don’t remember eating THAT!”

      Tomayto, tomahto.

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