One thought on “I Can Add Nothing to This

  1. Keeping the pesants scared and compliant by threathening them with gargoyles is part and parcel of the Holy Mother Church of leftoxenomorphism.

    Here’s a partial list of leftoxenomorph gargoyles:

    “climate change” (ex “gorebal-warming” shouldn’t we be under water by now? why are there still polar bears? why is al gore rich?)
    “white supremacy”
    “alt right”
    DHS “domestic extremists” (rightists, obviously; never a leftist)
    covid (and its million variants)
    the ocean “island of plastic”
    “systemic racism”
    “rape culture”
    “war on women”
    “pay gap”
    “personal pronouns”
    “two weeks to flatten the curve”
    “war on terror” (WTF is “terror”? aliens from outer space?! pisslam is never named!!)
    “war on drugs” (having all the fun since when? any success?)
    “Afghanistan’ (WTF was THAT?!! another Vietnam?)

    Not one of them is anything more than BS.

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