I was recently asked (seriously, I’m absolutely certain) the following question:

Did it ever occur to you that maybe the mainstream media has similar a outlook and opinions to the Democratic Party because they are both driven by morals, ethics, the rule of law, and defense and preservation of democracy?

After I stopped laughing, I answered in the negative. Rather brutally.

Gerard Baker in the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed “Jeffrey Toobin, the ‘1619 Project’ and the Journalistic Reign of Error.” I don’t subscribe, but Instapundit has a sample excerpt that says what I want to relate here:

Even if Jeffrey Toobin is in fact the indispensable legal mind CNN evidently believes he is, his reinstatement last week must surely fill some of his colleagues with misgivings. “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” the great Aretha Franklin once asked. It’s a valid question that may take new form in the minds of participants in future video calls with the easily distracted Mr. Toobin.

But his restoration to a more salubrious on-camera role is a helpful reminder of the rules that now govern news. The medium is no longer the message: The new reality is that the mission is the message. As long as your work furthers the mission, no failure in behavior, no error in reporting or editing, no corruption of the truth or the evidence will go unrewarded.

All data and facts, all judgment about stories and the people who produce them, are subordinate to the mission. In one of the more ironic developments of this age of progressive hegemony, this is called “moral clarity.”As CNN was being restored to its full complement of progressive missionaries, the same message in service of the same mission was more powerfully conveyed by the authorities who every year emerge from the temples of Columbia University to bestow on another crop of journalists the mantle of Joseph Pulitzer.

The steady conversion of these “prestigious” awards into Hero of the Soviet Union-like ribbons for full-time advocacy of approved causes was nearly complete this year, with almost all the prizes in journalism and literature going to works that fit within the approved range of writing.

And the mission? That was pointed out back in 2014 by Jim Treacher:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'Jim Treacher @jtLOL Following Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats. 3:17 PM 18 Aug 2014 1,060 Retweets 703 Likes 58 门 1.1K 703'

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  1. The final point – “Modern journalism…” reminded me about the follow on to that (and I forget where I saw it) – “And then cover those stories, with a pillow, until they stop moving…”

    1. That’s Iowahawk (David Burge). The full Tweet was:

      Journalism is about covering important stories.
      With a pillow, until they stop moving.

      As someone else noted, the first is the “why.” The second is the “how.”

  2. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe the mainstream media has similar a outlook and opinions to the Democratic Party because they are both driven by morals, ethics, the rule of law, and defense and preservation of democracy?”

    I honestly think I would be struck dumb temporarily if someone asked me that.

    Someone — I can’t remember who, but I want to say Scott Adams, though I may be mistaken — compared the situation nowadays to something like the old Kurosawa flick Rashomon. We are two sides watching the same movie and getting two wildly disparate takes from it.

    I’m trying to comprehend the moral and ethical righteousness of turning a blind eye to the shenanigans of Hunter Biden while going over everything Trump’s brood did like it was the Zapruder film.

  3. Moral clarity you say?

    Here’s the short path to moral clarity:

    Who owns you?
    Who has a higher claim on you than yourself?
    Who has the right to determine your values?
    Who has the right to determine the priority of those values?
    Who has the right to demand that you fund and participate in schemes not of your choosing, and which are inconsistent with your values and priorities?
    Who has the right to demand any fraction of your finite life’s precious time?

    Contemplate that on the tree of woe.

  4. Morals? Donkeys don’t even know what those ARE.

    Ethics? Ditto.

    Rule of Law…which only THEY get to define, of course…and if you ask them WHY that is, it’s due to their overwhelming MORALITY.

    Preservation of Democracy, which isn’t nearly as important as the preservation of FREEDOM, but they’ll tell you all day long about how that’s just TOO DANGEROUS!!!


    Again, they wonder why we own guns.

  5. “The new reality is that the mission is the message. As long as your work furthers the mission, no failure in behavior, no error in reporting or editing, no corruption of the truth or the evidence will go unrewarded.”

    They have no “failures in behavior” because leftoxenomorph behavior doesn’t really impede their mission.

    Their behavior can be appalling verging on criminal insanity and they get away with it with zero penalties.

    A black lesbian pretend-pisslim, obese as a hippopotamus, disgusting as a blob of turds and smelling not much different, could parade naked as a jaybird down the street with a feather duster protruding from her behind, a la Coluche, with a placard that read something about how “oppressed” she is and about “white supremacy” and nobody would touch her in anger but a few whites would drop to their knees to kiss her filthy diseased feet.

    What does it say about us?
    That we are tolerant?
    Or that we have given up and are ready to be devoured by leftoxenomorphs?

    Yes, American patriots laugh at them. But when they do, they are really laughing at themselves. And leftoxenomorphs are laughing at them, too.
    Everybody is laughing at the American patriot. We are so funny!! . . . The deplorable, bitter clingers . . . . . .

    Nobody expects reasonable, decent, normal, human behavior from leftoxenomorphs.

    We live in a world of double standards. One standard for humans. A very different standard for leftoxenomorphs.

    Do you want an example of a double standard? Government can print funny money and nothing happens to those responsible.
    Try printing funny money yourself and see what happens.

    Do you want another double standard? Congress is full of multimillionaires. They weren’t multimillionaires when they started. The billions they enjoy used to be yours. Just saying . . .

    Do you want an example of leftoxenomorph behavior?
    I give you “Drag Queen Story Hour” . . . for toddlers.
    Degenerate them young, from 0 to 7, and you’ll degenerate them for life.
    Leftoxenomorphs have gotten parents so cowed under the threat of being called “(something-pervert)-phobe” that they take their toddlers to cavort with pedophile degenerates to prove their woke bona fides.

    Another one?
    “The Steal” and the murder of America, now Venezuerica (not a Constitutional Republic) No small feat, I suggest.

    Not one shot has been fired in the land of the 2nd Amendment to correct any of those and millions of other examples.
    Not one shot has been fired in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”

    I call that a “W-I-N” for leftoxenomorphism.
    I call that the biggest win in the history of war.
    I call that the biggest win in the history of conflict on Earth.
    I call that the biggest win in the history of inter-species hostilities.

    And then, there are no “errors in reporting” when leftoxenomorphs pretend to report.
    All they do is PSYOPS.
    PSYOPS are not “errors in reporting”
    They say exactly what they want to say.
    And they win.
    All the time.

    The new leftoxenomorph expression for a man is “toxic penis haver” Think about it. We created human culture. We built civilization.

    Humans and leftoxenomorphs are two remarkable similar species in appearance but completely different in behavior and existential outlook.
    It goes to the benefit of leftoxenomorphs.

    Humans look at leftoxenomorphs with puzzlement and contempt, we find them abhorrent, lacking in decorum, decency, rationality and normal human behavior, we loath them and deride them.
    But we never touch them.
    We don’t throw urine at them. They do it to us. We don’t punch them. They do it to us. We don’t pull the fire alarms to prevent them from talking. They do it to us. And the list goes on into infinity.

    Our benevolence, our tolerance plus our apathy, passivity, indolence, pusillanimousness and normalcy bias protect leftoxenomorphs from us.
    Because most humans see leftoxenomorph as mistaken humans.
    That’s an error. A big one.
    Leftoxenomorphs are not human.
    We are dealing with a completely different, enemy species. Poisonous, infectious, deadly.

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans with hunger because they are predators and we are their prey.

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans with avarice because we are the cattle they intend to own.

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans as the defeated survivors of a war they have been giving for decades and even centuries, maybe as old as humanity itself, and they see us as parts of the spoils of a war they have been winning and they intend to finally win for good.

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans as the unpaid worker ants in the leftoxenomorph ant-hill with a one-hive-mind they intend to turn this planet into, under a New World Order and with a One World Government after “The Great Reset”

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans as the peasants / serfs / slaves in the neo-feudalism they are pursuing with the wokeraty as the new feudal class replacing “the divine right of kings” with “the social justice and bullsh!tsectional right of wokeness” but very medieval Dark Ages for any other way of coming at it.

    Leftoxenomorphs see humans as a different species of ant that their own leftoxenomorph species has to fight, conquer, defeat and enslave the willing and genocide the rest.

    Leftoxenomorphs have proven they can get away with ANYTHING.

    Leftoxenomorphism has basically no effective opposition.

    If you trace the advancement of the leftoxenomorph infection from about a hundred years ago to the present it is staggering.

    Now, “their mission” . . . THAT . . . should really, really frighten you because, let’s face it: who’s gonna stop them?

    And by “stop them” I mean massacre them.

    Because that is the only way to stop them.

    Leftoxenomorphs are the new nazis.
    And this time . . . the nazis are in government and they own 95% of all organized Venezuerica and they are teaching your children as you read this words.
    They are brainwashing your children to be leftoxenomorphs like them.
    They are brainwashing your children into gleichschaltung.
    They are printing their filth into your children’s brains.

    Leftoxenomorphs are the ultimate parasite after a natural evolution of collectivism that took about the whole of human history.
    They are the perfect predator of humans.
    We are their food.
    And they are eating us alive.

    America is now dead.
    Western civilization is hanging from one fingernail above the abyss of a techno-dystopia that won’t last very long and then it is the world of Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” and later on is going naked back up the trees.

  6. In the name of clarity.

    What is it that you won’t find in an ant-hill?
    What is it that you won’t find in the irrational fanaticism inherent in religious, mystic, faith based systems?
    What is it that you won’t find in gleichschaltung?
    What is it that you couldn’t find in nazi germany?
    What is it that you couldn’t find in soviet russia?
    What is it that you can’t find in commie china?
    What is it that you can’t find in north korea?
    What is it that you can’t find in Venezuela?
    What is it that they want to abolish in Venezuerica, the remains of the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020)?
    What is it that you won’t find under the “New World Order”?
    What is it that you won’t find under a “One World Government”?
    What is it that you won’t find anywhere if “The Great Reset” is carried out?
    What is it that you won’t find anywhere if the World Economic Forum gets away with its collectivist, neo-feudal, neo-nazi filth?
    What is it that you won’t find in all forms of collectivism?
    What is it that you won’t find in the religion of leftoxenomorphism?
    What is it that leftoxenomorphs fear and hate the most?

    Respect for the inalienable rights of the individual human being.
    Non-coercive cooperation.
    Voluntary agreements.
    People dealing with one another by mutual consent and for mutual benefit.
    Otherwise everybody goes their own way and nobody is forced to do what they don’t want to.
    Nobody has to participate in any way whatsoever in something they don’t want to.
    That is what freedom means.

    Is there something in between?
    Do pigs fly?

    The most important things are really simple.

    America was the greatest and most glorious country that ever existed.
    All rights are individual.
    Individuals should be judged by their ideas and their actions.
    Men are the builders of civilization.
    Fathers are irreplaceable.
    Feminism is cancer.
    Private property is the foundation of civilization.
    Nobody has a right to what belongs to another.
    Freedom is the human way.
    Free men own and carry arms under nothing but their own free will.
    There are only two sexes.
    There is only one Justice.
    A is A.

  7. Communists have no morals, no ethics, no conscience, no laws and only ONE rule….WIN.
    By ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And that is why they are winning. Because we who oppose them have morals, ethics etc. and follow the rules and the laws. When there is ANY contest of ANY kind between two opposing groups where ONE side is not bound by any conventions that side will ALWAYS prevail.

  8. @George_Banner:
    I remember seeing a news report on TV in the Spring of 1970 while I was in college. (I am definitely dating myself here.) There was an anti-Vietnam war demonstration in New York City with many hundreds of leftists tying up traffic, breaking windows, and demanding an immediate end to the war and end to Richard Nixon. Suddenly, thousands of blue collar workers in hard hats came streaming out of factories, waded into the leftists, and proceeded to beat the everloving snot out of all of them. It was a thing of beauty to watch, and I was cheering and clapping while I watched.

    The newscaster of course was appalled. But I then looked around the TV room and realized I was the only one cheering. My fraternity brothers were all sitting there in silence, and looking at me as if I were a space alien. I realized at that instant that the Walter Cronkites and the Dan Rathers of the mainstream media complex had already gotten to them and corrupted their thinking. They had already been convinced that the Tet offensive was a US defeat, and that the war was both immoral and unwinnable, that Richard Nixon was Hitler, that Republicans were greedy and evil, and that Democrats were the good guys.

    Such was the power of the Communist mainstream media 50 years ago. They wield just as much power today. Actually more, since today they also have the power to censor, delete, and disappear any opposing viewpoint. And in the intervening 50 years they have brainwashed several more generations. This is why we don’t see any effective pushback today. Until we see leftist mobs being swarmed and beaten senseless again like I saw on TV so long ago, I doubt anything will get better.

    True leftists are parasites. I have never met a true believer leftist who was able to work and hold down a real job in the real world. That is why they appropriate (steal) other people’s money and goods, because at some level they KNOW that they could not survive without us normals to produce for them. And as you so aptly pointed out, Mr Banner, they will never stop. They will have to BE stopped. By whatever means necessary.

  9. Cheers, Mr. George True.

    If you want to understand 2021 you might want to direct your attention to the similarities between
    (a) the terrible terribleness of the covid scare scam and
    (b) the terrible terribleness of the “climate change” scare scam and
    (c) the terrible terribleness of the “personal pronouns” scam.

    (a) There was never any pandemic. It was a PSYOPS leftoxenomorph induced panicdemic.
    (b) There is no “climate change” besides the normal behavior of climate since forever. It is a PSYOPS leftoxenomorph gargoyle.
    (c) There is no need to mess with the language. The garden variety English is just fine. It is another PSYOPS leftoxenomorph gargoyle.

    What do those three have in common?

    They have nothing to do with the reality of normal human experience.

    They are totally unnecessary to the lives and pursuit of happiness of humans.

    They are 100% the creation and within the province of leftoxenomorphs, mostly feminazis and manginas and BLM mau-mau, but mostly whites, affluent, all useless.

    They are bringing annoyance and misery to normal humans and THAT is the whole purpose of these Psychological Operations, real weapons of war in the leftoxenomorph war of conquest. Because there already is a civil war going on and only one side is not shooting.

    Humans suffer as a consequence and human civilization is destroyed as a consequence but we benefit none.

    Humans lose. Leftoxenomorphs win. All the time. Enough!!!

    Those three are successful PSYOPS (among many others) in a leftoxenomorph war against the remains of the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020), against Western civilization and against the vast majority of humanity.

    If we were to totally disregard the three of them as if they didn’t exist, the lives of the vast majority of humans would suffer no ill effect and, on the contrary, we would be much, much better off.
    Leftoxenomorphs, on the other hand, would continue their “suffering” and they would cry and howl and complain and throw tantrums and accuse normal humans of the most terrible make believe things that only happen in their leftoxenomorph poisonous brains and with the most vitriolic and spiteful attitude throw the worst insults they could concoct against us. The would tell us that we are “unfair”, “racist”, “patriarchs”, “rapists”, “abusers”, bad, bad, bad.

    Basically what they do any day of the week and how they live the stupid and poisonous whole of their lives.

    So leftoxenomorph lives wouldn’t change all that much. They would stop winning, though and humans would stop losing to them. It would annoy them. But they live annoyed all of their lives.

    Because they live in a permanent religious purity spiral. And there’s not enough winning that can satisfy them. Ever. When they get away with something they immediately come up with another thing in a ratcheting game that never ends. Over and over and over and over. Just wait for the next thing AFTER covid and its many “variants” There is something very feminine in leftoxenomorphs. Veeeeeery feminine.

    Leftoxenomorphs “are terminally unhappy because they can’t produce anything of value, they don’t know how to love, and they can never put enough effort in to please their vengeful and jealous god.” (*) And they fear and envy humans to no end and they aim to enslave us to, they think, benefit from our “magic” And our “magic” is just being humans.

    And, as far as I am concerned, the world would be a much better place if leftoxenomorphs stopped breathing, altogether.

    On the other hand there would be a huge improvement to the life of most humans.

    And maybe America could be re-founded.

    And we could stop betraying our heritage.

    And we could have a future in freedom and decency.

    What do you do when you see a nasty bug crawling around? You kill it, clean up the mess and go on with you life, right? Well . . . there you go. The Tree of Liberty looks parched.

    – – –

  10. That guy has a lot of balls saying that Democrats are a party of “law and order.” Take it from a guy who has had both a Secret and Top Secret clearance, Hillary Clinton and her staff broke nearly every rule and regulation the US Government has for safeguarding classified material. She was never even indicted, much less charged with a crime.

    Note to any progtards reading this: intent is not required in the law, it is do or do not, and since over a hundred Special Access Program emails were found on her server, she is at a minimum guilty of what is called “spillage,” which is when classified material is found in or on systems not rated for classified material.

    It is the very height of arrogant gaslighting to even make that claim, and I would figuratively punch anyone doing so right between the eyes.

  11. “morals, ethics, the rule of law, and defense and preservation of democracy”

    I feel certain you could fill an uberpost with *nothing other than* examples of how both the Democrat Party and the mainstream media are quite obviously NOT even mildly concerned with any of the above, much less “driven” by a concern for any of it.

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