6 thoughts on “Not a Good Strategy

  1. I seem to remember a cop telling me the ugliest thing he’d ever seen. It was the difference between someone being fed up with an abusive relationship and leaving, and someone in an abusive relationship being pushed to the point where they snapped.

    She not only killed her abuser, she kept at it after he was dead. Knives, blunt instruments, dragged him out onto the driveway and ran over the corpse with a car… the guy told me it was like he’d been through a combine harvester.

    I never found out what happened to her… but I bet it wasn’t as ugly as what happened to him. And who knows, she may have gotten off completely.

    1. It’s one thing to snap and murder the abuser in their own bed — which, apparently there have been enough of such cases, that New York State (among others) have passed laws making abuse a mitigating factor in such scenarios.

      It’s another thing to snap like that. I cannot help but think, if I were the jury for her, that reaction alone would cause me to seriously consider finding her “Not Guilty”.

      One of the greatest fears I have is that Americans are tolerant people — we can take a certain level of abuse, and be fine — but we nonetheless have a breaking point, and we’ll snap, and when we do, we’ll be doing the societal equivalent of driving the Democrat (and to a certain extent Republican) Party corpses over with our car.

      It’s a Civil War I’m desperately hoping never comes to pass … yet there are days of abuse, I almost, but not quite, wonder: “Is it time?”. I do not like the fact that our Politicians don’t fully comprehend that someday the answer is going to be “Yes” — and that nobody knows how far you can push, before that happens.

  2. The Dems have been doing it for so long without real consequences that they don’t fear that they have anything to worry about

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