11 thoughts on ““Shut Up,” They Explained

  1. Honestly though it may sound far fetched I would not be surprised to find we funded the terrorists all those years ago.

    1. Apparently, the original idea of coining the phrase “conspiracy theory” was to tie the phrase to crazy ideas, like “The Moon landing is a hoax!” and “A barometric bomb was used to blow up the Oklahoma City building!”, and then use the phrase to throw doubt on ideas that might have something to them, or even be true.

      With the way so many things dismissed as “conspiracy theory” that have since either been confirmed, or at least become accepted as very plausible, in the last two years, however, the original purpose has been watered down a lot.

      While I would still dismiss claims like “9/11 was an inside job by the US government”, if someone were to say “you know, the US government never intended 9/11 to happen, but they did fund the terrorists involved”, my instinct now would be to to say “I’m listening. What evidence do you have?” and then look up whether the guy had been banned by FacsistBook, YouTubers, and Twits (which, if so, would increase credibility).

      And the point may soon be at hand where I’ll start believing things like “The Earth is flat!” and “The Moon landing was a hoax! We abandoned the Moon in the ’60s and came to Earth, because the Lizard People used up all the air, and we had no alternative!” merely because it’s called a “conspiracy theory”.

      The Elites have used the phrase too often for it to continue to have its dismissive power.

      1. “The Elites have used the phrase too often for it to continue to have its dismissive power.”

        That and too many things that were “conspiracy theories” a year or two ago have turned out to be “spoiler alerts.”

  2. I’m somewhat proud of the comment I just made concerning the Canadian truckers, so I’m going to leave it here. It concerns a decision that, as of 7 tonight, they are subject to being arrested, their vehicles confiscated, and may lose the permission to operate across the US-Canadian border. My response:

    Make it so that the only people willing to do such work, *can’t.* Sure, that’ll help with the economic and supply chain problems.

    You guys just don’t get it.

    Any government short of absolute tyranny rests on a social contract between those who govern and those who are governed. One of the fundamentals of that contract is that the governed have basic rights that you are not only required to recognize, but to secure and defend. Honoring that contract is *the only reason why those you govern consent to delegate that authority to you in the first place.*

    You have breached that contract, declared that you don’t have to abide by it anymore.

    Very well. *That contract is now null and void.*

    Therefore, those you believed that you governed have now withdrawn their consent to be governed by you. Yes, you can arrest them, imprison them, steal their property. *But you cannot govern them. You no longer have such authority.*

    And it’s no good griping about it to them. The reason you no longer have it is *because you threw it away.*

    1. GOF; that’s spelling it out in plain English. If you can’t understand they and you are an English speaker you don’t belong among the air breathing.
      All “free” peoples are governed the same way. And yet we have failed to recognize that simple fact. Instead of being taught the principles of life, which this entails, we send our kids to indoctrination centers to figure out which friggin bathroom to use.

      1. “…we send our kids to indoctrination centers to figure out which friggin bathroom to use.”

        Which reminds me of something else I felt embarrassed for *needing* to point out:

        If an allegedly “trans” person has used their penis to commit forcible rape of a minor, any claims of theirs that they “identify as a woman” are, *at best,* very thin and extremely suspect.

        I find it deeply disturbing that the members of the Loudoun County School Board seem unable to grasp the above concept.

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