The Plot, As They Say, Thickens

And once again a UK outlet scoops the U.S. “news” on a story damaging to the Democrats:

Whistleblower who handed Hunter’s abandoned laptop to congressmen and reveals he has 450 gigabytes of DELETED material including 80,000 images and videos – and has fled to Switzerland fearing retaliation from White House


According to the New York Times, files from the laptop are now part of the evidence in Hunter’s federal prosecution for alleged tax fraud, money laundering and illegal foreign lobbying.

Among the files on the laptop are a raft of emails and documents showing Hunter’s dealings with Burisma, a Ukrainian gas firm that became the center of Trump’s first impeachment in December 2019.

‘The FBI had this on the ninth of December 2019,’ he said. ‘I suppose the first person betrayed was a sitting US president in an impeachment hearing, when the FBI had the exculpatory evidence in their hands to have that end instantly, and they did nothing.

‘The second group of people to be betrayed were all of the Democratic candidates in the spring primaries that year,’ he added.

As is usual, nothing will come of it.

6 thoughts on “The Plot, As They Say, Thickens

  1. So now instead of fearing retaliation from the White House, he has to fear assassination by the CIA.

    Not sure how that’s an improvement, but okay…

  2. Given their track record on assassinations, I’d take my chances with Clowns In Action.

    Could be worse, it could be the GRU gunning for him.

  3. I’m not sure how much difference it will make.

    My personal opinion is that WWIII has already begun, it just isn’t official yet because it has yet to spin completely out of control.

    To be sure, I’m not actually nearly as worried about nukes as I am about supply chain collapse and food riots.

    Nonetheless, my advice is to keep your bug out bag up to date and ready to hand. Have your escape plan thought out.

      1. That’s the tough part.

        In my case, the closest thing I have to a good choice is the Big Thicket.

        It’s one of the few places in N. America where it’s still possible to “fall off the edge of the Earth,” and yet still be in a place with enough rainfall and soil fertility to live off grid.

        In your case, the closest place I can spot that is even mildly reasonable is Valles Caldera, WNW of Santa Fe. And the scary part about being there is that Los Alamos National Labs is on the eastern slope, so that may be moving onto the X mark.

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