The Left is Certifiably Insane

A little-known (for acting) actress Amanda Duarte has a history of offensive Tweets. Here are just a couple of recent examples of her mental instability:

But wait! It gets better!

But nothing can top this one from November of 2016. You know, when Trump won the election:

Full Bozo bug-nuts whacko. But she still has an account.

8 thoughts on “The Left is Certifiably Insane

  1. Please abort yourself.

    Yes I know you’re technically an adult, but you believe in extremely late term abortions, don’t you?

    Do it for your mother, so she won’t be stuck with a “disgusting little white kid” like you.

  2. People like this are probably the BEST argument possible FOR abortions…..very late term abortions. As in abort her….NOW!

  3. there is no “getting along” or “compromising” with these freaks. they will have to be dealt with at some point, so best get your mind right.

  4. “I almost want to get pregnant with Trump’s baby…”

    Hate to break this to ya sweetie, but Donald Trump has far too good of taste for a skank like you.

  5. There’s something deeply unsettling about all those tweets — besides the outright callousness of them — but a major one is this: sure, whites as a group have more abortions than minorities (because there’s so many more whites than minorities in general) — but a disproportionate number of abortions happen in minority communities.

    And this should come as no surprise. Margaret Sanger’s goal when founding Planned Parenthood was to limit the number of babies born to minorities — because she was an outright racist — and this is a factor as to why, to this day, there are more Planned Parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods, than there are in white ones.

    These tweets turn the movements on their heads — accusing the pro-life movement of racism to hide the racism of the pro-choice movement.

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