Not Only “No,” but “F*^K NO!”

Commenter “Old Guy” left this on the previous post:

The thing I worry about re: court packing is the GOP squishes. I hope I am wrong but I just see them falling into line and voting to pack the court. Someone said we should add 50 justices, one for every state and who are appointed by the governor of that state. Personally maybe we should treat it like senate seats, two for every state and they run for election on a rotating basis every, say 5 years or so.

I responded:


Supreme Court Justices should not “run for office.” That ENSURES that they will be swayed by popular opinion. You might as well shred and burn the Constitution right now.

Senator Ben Sasse explained it in detail in his 15 minutes during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. It’s worth your time.

3 thoughts on “Not Only “No,” but “F*^K NO!”

  1. So you don’t think Scotus is not already influenced by public opinion? Just look at Roberts and you know he is. Also I would not vouch for those on the left not being influenced, maybe not as much as Roberts but still influenced.
    My comment was in response to packing. If we are going to end up with a (useless) packed court lets really pack it and make it totally worthless.
    Yes that is my nightmare but I would rather go whole hog and make it totally worthless than just do it partially giving it a figment of cover

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