Heads. Should. Roll

(But of course, they won’t.)

Quote of the Day:

The real conspiracy is the same one you see everywhere. Government officials always assure us that we should hand over control and authority to them because they are “experts” who have our best interests at heart, but in reality, they are often clueless or inattentive to the bread and butter issues that can make or break a community.

Government is not and never will be some omnicompetent savior, and we have to abandon the idea that it is or can be. That doesn’t mean abandoning government agencies that can help, but it does imply that we shouldn’t rely on them and certainly shouldn’t take their word on anything. – David Strom

Maui Response is a Disaster

8 thoughts on “Heads. Should. Roll

  1. Yes…there’s plenty of blame to go around. A large part of the blame can be placed directly on the Hawaiian tendency to want to just spend time outside in the sun…in a place where the sun almost always shines. That means a lot of things that should get done don’t…like maintaining the electrical grid, getting rid of dead vegetation, making houses less flammable. Plenty of causes for this tragedy. Plain old human laziness and stupidity are a part of those reasons.

  2. When I ran into the idea that the root cause was directed energy weapons so that rich people could buy up the island I really thought that was so absurd that it’s hard to wrap my head around. Honestly, if they wanted to burn down the island, why resort to billion dollar weapons – especially since they might not even exist? Why not just buy a gallon of gas and pay some drunk/druggie/homeless mental case a few bucks (or buy them a few doses) to light a few small fires somewhere?

    It’s an attack on Those Evil Rich Capitalists instead of the idiotic, incompetent, liberal government they voted in. Blame it on the rich instead of the ones who so richly deserve to be publicly blamed and banned from a government job for life.

    1. I was sceptical about the Directed Energy Weapons initially … But.

      I watched a video of the fire taken from an aircraft and the fires working their way into the town were in a perfect oval. Unusual to say the least. There are no surrounding forests from what I can learn.

      Then the fact that the warning sirens were not sounded.

      Then the claim from the Chief of Police (coincidentally, the same person that was the C.o.P. in Las Vegas when the hotel sniper shot all those people – that was quickly forgotten) that the fire was so hot that it melted metal … what kind of metal? Pot metal that they make childrens toys from?

      Then the Hawaiian guy that delayed releasing water for 5 hours because of “equity”.

      Then the fact that the homes of the rich and famous were not harmed.

      Then this:


      OK, memes are not the “truth” but if this is true then hard questions should be asked.

      Purely by coincidence, here in New Zealand, this is being proposed:


      Note the “30% damage triggers relocation” without recourse to any appeal mechanism or process.

      I have noticed that worldwide, there is an uncanny set of coincidences and actions by various governments that are identical. In the UK, the concept of 15 minute cities is being discussed, so if the Hawaiian Government is also wanting the population to be relocated into cities and the land “acquired” by the government together with the NZ working group recommendations for the same and you see a pattern emerging. That pattern is pointing to serfdom and slavery for everyone except the self appointed elites. Clear the land for their exclusive use, the peasants will be confined to the cities.

      Compare and contrast the worldwide lockstep reactions with the Covid response, the push for “vaccinations” (and more vaccinations), the push for electric cars, Central Bank Digital Currency, the elimination of meat, “You will eat bugs, own nothing and be happy”.

      Instead of branding it a conspiracy theory, for me it is moving from “Oh, that’s interesting” to “not yet proven but probable to likely”.

      At the moment, the conspiracy theorists have a 100% record of being proven right after 18 to 24 months so make of it what you will.

      1. Unless and until I see a link to a site dedicated to said “Smart City” conference, literature from same, video from it, etc. I have to go with the “Fact Checkers” who said it didn’t happen.

        But I’m not wholly believing them, either.

        You know things have gotten bad when shit like this is plausible. After all, they proved they were willing to kill people to keep pushing vaccines on them rather than other treatments.

        1. Bill Ayers was ready to kill 20-25 million back in the 70s. I think they just figured out that bombs and bullets weren’t the right method.

  3. Hawaii is a dysfunctional state. Years of dem control have created a situation where patronage is the ‘main’ requirement for big $$$ jobs on any island. Actual training/qualifications are a poor third in that equation. Also, the whole ‘equity’ issue, add in native Hawaiian ‘needs’, etc. and Maui is what you get. The conspiracy theories are nonsense, this was purely failure to perform in a situation where actual decisions needed to be made in a timely fashion to save lives.

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