Truth in Fiction

I’ve been reading a space-opera series, Backyard Starship, for a while now. We’re on book 21 of a planned 25 in total. I just started reading the newest one today, in fact, so this excerpt hit pretty hard:

I keep wondering if we’re getting closer and closer to flipping that switch that Larry Correia talked about.

7 thoughts on “Truth in Fiction

    1. I’m half-convinced that J.N. Chaney is or uses an AI to write all the book series he’s got coming out. All of his co-authors are probably the AI.

      Still, they’re mostly fun reads.

  1. That’s a fairly prescient quote.
    I’m reminded of Dad (RIP).
    He liked classic muscle cars, the problem being with age, there’s wear.
    That’s “whether driven or parked”, the wear happens.
    (like tires/brake pads/belts/brake lines going bad after stored long
    enough for example)
    They can be redone, but how many times?
    Over Memorial Day, there was a car show.
    Somebody had a 1953 Studebaker which looked…fantastic.
    I bet it’s been restored/reworked at least once.
    Maybe twice by now if Guy drove it a bit.
    At some point there’ll be more “replacement metal” than original.

    Sometimes I compare that to the current USA.

  2. When I was young, I never expected to live to be this old (66). I expected to die in WWIII first.

    Now I still expect to die in WWIII, but I expect to be too old and out of shape to have a fighting chance.

    1. My primary retirement plan is death in one of the early battles of the coming civil war.

      My backup is, I’ve calculated that I can retire at 75 and live in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed for 24 seconds.

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