Oh, the Irony!

Markley’s Law states: “As an online discussion of gun owners’ rights grows longer, the probability of an ad hominem attack involving penis size approaches 1.”

It appears someone did some actual research on the question of penises and gun ownership.

I think some people are going to be surprised. Pullquote:

In this study, we formally examine the association between penis size dissatisfaction and gun ownership in America. The primary hypothesis, derived from the psychosexual theory of gun ownership, asserts that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises will be more likely to personally own guns. To test this hypothesis, we used data collected from the 2023 Masculinity, Sexual Health, and Politics (MSHAP) survey, a national probability sample of 1,840 men, and regression analyses to model personal gun ownership as a function of penis size dissatisfaction, experiences with penis enlargement, social desirability, masculinity, body mass, mental health, and a range of sociodemographic characteristics. We find that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises are less likely to personally own guns across outcomes, including any gun ownership, military-style rifle ownership, and total number of guns owned. The inverse association between penis size dissatisfaction and gun ownership is linear; however, the association is weakest among men ages 60 and older.


And the best part?

The author(s) disclosed receipt of the following financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article: The data collection for this study was supported by funding from Change The Ref, an organization that “uses urban art and nonviolent creative confrontation to expose the disastrous effects of the mass shooting pandemic.” Although Change The Ref holds a clear political stance (Anti– Ed.) with respect to the role of guns in society, this organization played no part in the planning or implementation of the study.

An anti-gun group funded the study!!

4 thoughts on “Oh, the Irony!

  1. Oh snap!

    How painful is it to pay for the very study that tells you that you have a small dick?

  2. That explains something that I have been wondering about for a long while.

    If owning firearms is a substitute for penis size, then the advice to hoplophobes to whip their wibbly wobbly wand out if confronted by a violent attacker instead of a gun, then the attacker won’t be impressed and violence will result (as well as being put on the sex offenders register if they survive)… Mystery solved, then. Hoplophobes have inadequate wedding tackle. Ladies take note.

    I keep saying that the world needs a sarcasm font.

  3. Not surprising to me in the least. The left engages in psychological projection as a self defense mechanism constantly.

    They are dissatisfied with their (or their partner’s)…um…endowment…and so they project that trait upon their opponents. That’s pretty much standard practice for the left.

    The only thing shocking about this “study” is that they were honest about it and released the results even though they didn’t get the results they expected. The left is usually more discriminating about whom they engage to conduct studies on their behalf. They screwed up and hired an honest organization. Maybe they were just overconfident in the results that would be reached? Miscalculation on their part.

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