6 thoughts on ““Progress”

  1. I admit, I’m just stunned at how this has metastasized.

    We have literally walked away from what people during the civil rights era marched, fought, and yes, died for. All for… what? So people can feel a little better about their own failings?

    1. I have one quibble with your comment:

      “We have literally walked away from what people during the civil rights era marched, fought, and yes, died for.”

      We have demonized and vilified all they believed in, and are now trying to make it illegal. “Walked away from” would be pleasant by comparison to what’s actually happening.

  2. This survived Facebook? Huh.

    Two things, Kevin….

    1) Good idea getting off Blogger. I used to do WordPress. (In fact, bits of what you’re running were written by your truly.) It’s been a while, but if you need help, drop me a line. 🙂

    2) To the extend that you do social media, may I suggest you get on MeWe? Disadvantage is there aren’t as many personal friends on there; the advantage is I don’t have to worry about “fact” checkers and censors, or “you violated a standard that we’re not going to specify, but just watch yourself”. (I’m on Parler to, but TBH I don’t like it nearly as much.)

    1. Stephen:

      Thanks for the offer. I’m still trying to figure out how to duplicate the “Best of” sidebar in this template, and the masthead with the quotes. So far, no joy. Lastly I want to import my Disqus comments. Disqus has a much better spam filter than WP seems to. As of now, I’ve had to manually delete 89 spam comments vs. 81 actual comments. Very few spam comments got through the Disqus filters.

      I’m on MeWe, just don’t visit it much. So far my pee-pee has remained unsmacked by FB. I can’t help but wonder what I’m not doing wrong.

      1. I’ve had luck with a couple spam plugins. Akismet is decent. There’s another one called Bad Behavior that helps.

        One of these days I’d like to get back to an old plug-in called Spam Karma. I didn’t develop it, but kind of accidentally became its owner when the original dev gave it up. It was great, and I hope to do it some justice one of these days

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